One of the big issues is you MAY be eligible for AMVETS because of National
or Reserve duty but you’ve been told “you’re not a veteran”. AMVETS
believes your service counts too. As one of our past commanders put it “there but by the grace of God go I”: You signed up but were lucky enough to NOT get called. We honor ALL honorable service.


Our membership in the various parts of our AMVETS family each have their own membership eligibility requirements. 


Generally speaking to be a member of AMVETS a person has to be a Veteran, have served honorably during or since WWII OR be a currently serving member of the US Military in an active duty, National Guard, or Reserve componnent.


Ladies Auxiliary membership is opened to women who have an immediate family member who served in the military and is eligible for membership in AMVETS and if still living IS a member of AMVETS at the time the woman signs up (if the veteran is deceased of course membership in AMVETS is not a requirement nor do they have needed to be an AMVETS member in the past).  Ladies Auxiliary membership is also opened to women who were themselves veterans eligible to join AMVETS; for them AMVETS membership is not required neither is Auxiliary membership if they choose to join AMVETS; dual membership is allowed. 


This is not to include in-laws of any type


Membership in the Sons of AMVETS is limited to all male descendents, grandsons,
adopted sons and stepsons, fathers, husbands, widowers, and brothers, of members of AMVETS and the deceased members of AMVETS, or the personnel who died and would have been eligible for membership in the parent organization, and are at least eighteen (18) years of age and is not eligible for membership in the parent organization.


This is not to include in-laws of any type